About us

Our Value Proposition

Busihub is not LinkedIn or Facebook, and we have no intention to look like any other networking websites.

Our value proposition is not to store or retain photos, videos or CVs of our members so that they share their data online.

Busihub is designed and built to connect people who are travelling frequently and are willing to meet like-minded profiles.

It is a meeting place and not a website where members can communicate virtually. We do not require our members to provide us with full details about their life.

Nothing is compulsory in Busihub.

If you are an open networker and you are the type of person who is keen to meet new people, cultures and skills, then come and join us. We intend to collect optional data from you composed of your professional/social interests, your location and your travel plans so that we can find the right individual matching your interests wherever you are across the globe. If you check-in, you will be able to see people matching your requirements and you choose to meet them or not. 

The main objective of Busihub is to help travellers across the globe to connect, meet and share their similar opinions, ideas, attitudes and interests when being away. 

 We strictly believe that we all need to have an eye contact to make the connection sustainable.

Busihub proactively connects travellers in an intelligent manner and creates a unique opportunity to mix hundreds of like-minded people in one place. 

We want to get subject matter experts to face the subject matter interests for knowledge transferring and collaboration. 

The "How" of Busihub

Registration as member

Busihub is very simple to use. When you register, you will be receiving an email confirmation from contact@busihub.com requesting you to confirm your registration via a link to our website. Follow the link and complete the activation of your account.

Completion of your profile

After the activation of your account, go to settings and start populating the following sections:

Personal Details: Make sure you complete this basic section as it is one of the matching items.

Your Picture: Upload your picture or use the one of your LinkedIn or Facebook account. Save all changes and it is done.

Professional Details: Tell us about your current role and company or simply use the API to load your data from LinkedIn.

Education Details: Again, this can be done by yourself or uploaded from LinkedIn

Interests: This section is one of the most important matching components of Busihub. Complete your social and professional interests with the provided options. If you do not enter any interests, Busihub won't be able to find members sharing your interests.

Privacy Settings: This section enables you to control the various components of your profile.

Notification Settings: Control how or if you want to receive notifications from Busihub users.

Check-in: Essential function of Busihub enabling matching based on your immediate or future location. If you do not check-in, members won't know about your location and Busihub won't consider your location for matching aspects. Check-in page also provides you with a list of members or connections near you on a map. You can use the user icon to go to profile.

Green or Red circle/ rectangle over your profile picture: This provides you with the option to indicate if you are available for meetings or not.

Calendar: As a simple agenda, you can just use it to maintain your events or travel periods. Also, you have the option to make any of your events or entries private. You can import or export calendar from/to Google or share your calendar with the link.

Meet Up

To send a meet up request to one of your connections, simply go to your connection page, select data and time + a meeting location already stored in our database and send the request. If your connection accepts your request, you will be notified and the meeting will appear in your schedule in your profile page. You won't be able to send a meet up request to a member who is not already your connection.

Search Members

This functionality provides you with the possibility to search a member based on your search filters and send a connection request to a member that matches your criteria.

Search Locations

This is only a database of the places and locations that have been used by the members of Busihub during meetings/events or when they checked-in. You won't be able to select a location or place that is not listed by Busihub.

Proactive Matching

Considering your future location, calendar, interests and your availability, Busihub will email you a shortlist of members who are matching your profile. This is very useful when you find yourself in a country and you are interested to meet with members who are like you in the same location and time. If the matching is very close, members will receive an email 48 hours prior to their travel.